You need meetings! You want them to generate ideas, inspire action and flow but in their essence meetings are paradoxical!  In many cases we see, hear and feel that within organizations meetings do not deliver to their expectations. Participants come ill prepared, disengage and hardly follow-up. At best, you have a love-hate relationship with meetings. You need them yet you despise them.

Why is that? Why would you keep it as it is? You can change your meetings and culture!

There are many resources at hand that explain how to setup, facilitate and participate in meetings, yet a lot of them do not help you to change the way meetings are perceived at your organization. We at Co-Learning are aware about this situation and help people to design their meetings differently, with more energy and collective participation. We do this using the Gamestorming principles by means of (B – Basic Skills) a Gamestorming Training or (C – Collaborative Practice) a series of Gamestorming Retreats. Providing people the techniques and courage to meet differently, more effectively, is our cause (see reference from Real Dolmen)! We know that we do not hold the single truth! We believe that there are many ways to change meeting cultures and love to examine as many as possible. It is in this quest for knowledge that we exchanged ideas with Ruben Van Der Laan at World Creativity Forum 2011 recognizing instantly that meeting cultures is his main business and expertise.

As Ruben is much more an expert in the domain of meeting cultures, as his knowledge exceeds the limits of meeting design (and thus Gamestorming), we became more and more interested to pick his brain for more. After a couple of mail exchanges and skype calls we are proud to announce we could trick him in coming to Belgium and help you and me to change meeting cultures all around into effective group activities instead of a perceived waste of time. Together with Ruben, we scheduled an interactive workshop that allows you to recognize the inherent paradoxes with meetings and gives you the tools to bridge them and by such design meetings that deliver and change the entire culture around it.

At the end of the session, you will be able to: – recognize meeting paradoxes, – identify what meetings should do, – know what interventions to use to design the best meeting, – learn the leadership skills needed to lead best meeting, – know how to design a meeting structure for different goals: visioning, action planning, growth, idea generation, organizational flexibility, etc…, – use various new interventions learned from the workshop. – use a new way to change the meeting culture around you – … (much more) As Sol Luckman said: “Our challenge, which is also a tremendous opportunity, is to open up to a literally life-changing way of thinking ourselves into existence”

When? November 23rd Where? Zebrastraat 32, 9000 Gent When? 9am – 5pm Price? 350€ Join us! Subscribe today…