From time to time you feel bad as a consequence of the way you live our life.
Either you know about it or you do not know about it, but in many cases you just accept the situation as it is and keep living your life the way you were. 
Well… it should not be like that! You should not suffer from things like…

These are all things I was struggling with in the past and most probably missed out fantastic opportunities.
But life changed as a whole since I started applying “Personal Kanban”, for which I thank Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry for inspiring me to do so.
They are doing a great job maintaining a personal kanban focussed website and promoting the technique all over the world and the world is grateful about that.
You must be thinking that this is all great but are wondering what changed?! Let me list a couple of things I experienced through time:

You see that consciously living your life and applying some discipline will change your life for the better.
The more we, at Co-Learning, became experienced using “Personal Kanban” the more we became advocates for the technique which lead us to design a 1 day training to kick-start others around us.
We also started promoting “Personal Kanban” during other trainings and on conferences and received good feedback about it.
As we are intrigued to help  people we also spend a lot of time responding to questions related to “Personal Kanban” either by mail, skype or face to face.
It seemed that a lot of people did not take the time to read Jim his book, did not find what they were looking for somewhere else or did not find the courage or right steps to get “Personal Kanban” working for themselves.
For that reason we decided to write a more condensed and hands-on book that is easy to read and provide simple instructions to you how to start with “Personal Kanban”.
Next to the basic instructions we also provide deep insights why you should use “Personal Kanban” and why this is a journey without an end.
We consider it a good kick in the ass for the more experienced users which makes it a good hand-book as reference throughout time.
Wondering what I’m talking about? Interested to read more? Do you want to experience similar benefits as we did? Check it out, you will be surprised!