People who have worked with us know that we eat our own dogfood, and in that sense we updated our services page today.


We teach and support organizations to use the AARRR metric model to validate the hypothesis of their business model, and as such we also use the same system to validate our own work. We discovered that our services message is not reaching you very well, the Acquisition vs Activation rate is not satisfying. In other words: we get enough visitors on the page (unique visitor count), really reading through our text (time spent) but we do not seem to get a decent amount of contacts out of it (emails).

Startup Retreat - 7


We previously described the way we offer our services to you, as this is, to us, our most important differentiator. But we thought wrong! We asked a lot of questions to a lot of people around us, customers, partners and even competitors related to the subject (Lean Startup practices), which unfolded into a new hypothesis that we want to validate in the upcoming months.


We discovered that the way we offer our services is indeed very unique, but for a lot of you still a bit too vague to see how we could support you. So this time we changed the description of our services so it should be clear ‘what’ we can do for you and less on ‘how’ we like to support you, your organization and your customers. We also payed a bit more attention to “engagement”, as this was reported to be the key to our special powers. May we invite you to review our content and let us know what you think of it? You can easily comment on this article, sharing is caring.