Working software over comprehensive documentation


This leads to a lot of misunderstandings in organisations that are considering one of the Agile flavors as a new way of working, especially when they are used to document a lot. Quite often we need to start explaining that Agile does not mean “no documentation” but that we will handle it differently. And that’s exactly what this article is all about:

At the same time a big “Thank You” to Scott W. Ambler for even more elaborated context.

The basics of Agile documentation

Let’s begin with some fundamental advice:


communication richness


Considering the above specified context and the image, we should follow some guidelines before deciding to create documentation. We should think about documentation as a requirement and as such follow these steps:

Evaluate the documentation request thouroughly

If needed, keep it simple


just enough effort

What to avoid?

(For more details about these points check out this essay)

The vision on Agile documentation

(SDLC = Software Development Life Cycle)

agile documentation vision

The system

A web 2.0 enabled collaborative platform: Confluence Wiki for example

Confluence wiki

You can find very detailed descriptions on producing documentation the Agile way and the reason why to do it differently in this Agile Modeling Essay and these Documentation Best Practices.

Find out what Confluence Wiki can do for you.