Large-Scale Scrum or LeSS

About 1 year ago BASE Company engaged with Co-Learning in order to improve their time to market, productivity and quality using “Agile“. As many other companies their understanding about Agile was limited to the practices, roles and process and mainly focussed on their “development” teams. Together we generated a better understanding setting up a POC (Proof Of Concept) within one area of their product from which everything started to make sense. Problems became more clear, the benefits became more clear, the huge challenge ahead became more tangible.

The Real Truth

We previously posted an article showing the benefits, including some recommendations from Michael Bell (Head of Quality, Performance & Innovation Management) as well as Jos Donvil (C.E.O.) without really mentioning the tough stuff. Next to the short motivational video BASE Company also created a full featured video (28min) that is not only showing the good but also the bad and ugly part of a LeSS Huge Adoption as the company experiences it, no editing/reviewing or anything else has been done by either one of the Agile Coaches involved! A LeSS Huge Adoption is not a walk in the park but definitely worth the effort! See for yourself what one can expect from a LeSS Huge Adoption one year into the trenches…



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