We are proud to share the story of the No More Majors Community at the governmental institute of pensions in Belgium (SFPD) which was initiated as part of their LeSS adoption preparations and strategy.

This recording was made on August 28th when Tom Jans & Thierry de Pauw did a pre-run of their Munich LeSS Conference talk.

Short introduction:
SFPD was applying Scrum for many years but was struggling to get it working at scale > 16 teams. Early 2018 they initiated some courses on SAFe and LeSS to find their own ways at the same time discovering the importance of Technical Excellence, a corner stone to make LeSS working. From that moment on Tom Jans took the ownership to take the lead in the birth of what is today known as the “No More Majors Community”. At first it was about budgets, later about time and during summer time about hands on support. From that moment on the community managed to go from 2 major releases a year to having no more majors or having at least 1 release every sprint in a time span of about 4 months. Mid of december 2018 they had their last major release and in januari 2019 they had their first LeSS Area flip. Below recording zooms in on the community its journey, practices, obstacles and success. If you want to know more on why and how, I invite you to watch the recording of their presentation try-out. Enjoy!

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