I took a challenge for my talk at Agile Prague 2019: “How to deliver a 1h talk in 30mins?” — Title of the talk: “Why should most organizations dtich Scrum?”

Why would I do that? Well, because being a speaker at Agile Prague is tremendously enjoyable and I didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to go back after missing out on the fun last year.

What did I learn? It is not as easy as it sounds and even though I managed to get it working I guess the talk had less impact compared to the full 1h version I provided at other meetups and conferences. But I let you decide! Below is the 30 min version at Agile Prague but also the extended version that was recorded at Agile by Example Light Warsaw so you can compare both versions and let me know your thoughts. 


The Agile Prague 30 min version:



The Agile by Example Light Warsaw 1 hour version: