We are proud to spread the experience going from multi-layered, firefighting, complicated strutures to simple, flat structures at one of our customers in Czech: Y Soft.

This is a recording of a talk held at the LeSS Conference 2019 in Munich and published by InfoQ where you’ll discover how things started, how we supported them through our Co-Friend service and high impact, high risk workshops throughout their final flip-forward (kaikaku) into a LeSS structure and way of working. You will acquire insights of their journey as from July 2017 throughout September 2019 with as main focus their 4-day flip-forward event in January 2019. Many people think that one can slowly grow into an Agile organization and most probably that is correct in certain cases, then again, in this case one will discover how we prepared the organization for a kaikaku event (flip-forward) and then did a very courages move by turning the organization around. Before the 4-day event everybody was still working in old structues, after the event everybody was working in a LeSS structure. Not a small change!

There is a lot of attention put on the good things of it all but equally on the bad & ugly things. Be prepated to be surprised and enjoy the movie.

Do not hesitate to join one of Jurgen his Certified LeSS Practitioner courses for more in depth information on this case study.