Today’s gamestorming retreat session took us through the facilitation of 6 different games which were played several times. Each time we took into account the learning from the previous session into a new experiment and as such grew our collaborative facilitation skills tremendously.

Conclusion of the day: it is not all about the game, the right facilitation skills and understanding brings it all to another level.

Here are some conclusions from the attendees of todays session: Much more useful than many other ‘theoretical’ trainings i’ve attended in the past. I can use what I’ve learned today immediately in my professional activities. Good job Eric and Jurgen !  (Jan Leyssens) Great session with direct feedback. Don’t waste time with long discussions, just try and do. Even if it didn’t work, you learned something. I know that I can put some of these games to use at work, to shorten or reduce long meetings. (Amedee) Now THIS is a session that has some usefulness inside. Learning by making mistakes and having direct feedback upon is a steep learning curve.  

It puts your experience directly some levels up. Having the chance to exercise, and to redo it over again to see the improvements. (Johan) This is really amazing. This can open your eyes so you can look to problems differently. All the tips and tricks are based on experience and can help you. Having done this exercise, I’m looking forward to the others! (Kristof) Read more about our retreats in our previous article: “Free retreats, our way to serve you and grow competence”

Join us for our next session in December!