Henry Ford would have loved producing our current day meetings the way he produced his cars. His famous ‘any colour – so long as it’s black’ would have marvelously fit the numerous meetings that are being churned out worldwide. A meeting room is a meeting room and a meeting is a meeting. All black, all the same. There’s just a slight variation in black because they’re not all being produced by the same firm. So here are 49 ways to spice up your meetings and make them fun and colourful. And by the way: fun usually means also more effective (and no, I did not say efficient, that’s a whole different story). So which one are you willing to try? 4 ways to spice up your prep work

6 ways to time your meetings colourfully

5 ways to play with meeting roles

11 ways to communicate with all your senses

8 ways to spice up your space

10 ways to spice up your decision-making

5 ways to follow-up differently on meetings

Bio Ruben van der Laan

Ruben van der Laan brings your group into flow to unleash creativity, build engagement and organise expediency. He relentlessly seeks to create the best meeting. As facilitator, he uses a vast array of creativity techniques, improvisational games and participatory methods. Grown up in Europe and Africa, working with highly diverse groups, he feels at home in many cultures. He is fluent in Dutch, French and English. Ruben is working worldwide for many organizations in the profit and non-profit (United Nations, BBC, Akzo Nobel, ABN AMRO, etc…). Ruben currently lives in the Netherlands missing the food and weather of his former home Thailand.

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