Guestblog by Mark Willems,

Expose – Ask – Shoot – Expose

We all went to school. We all rely on education for our own kids and our future social capital. In that way we are all education experts. The social innogram is a playful way of ‘imagineering‘ future education through the eyes & perceptions of many others.  Education seems hard to innovate. In the last 150 years, the world around education changed much faster than the education system itself. There are loads of good research and practice examples, but still something is missing…

The PIEO-project (Innovation for Excellent education) of the King Baudouin Foundation aims to improve well-being and learning outcomes in 13 strongly challenged urban schools. One of the growing PIEO-beliefs on innovation is that existing possibilities of kids, teachers, education professionals and other stakeholders are strongly underestimated and left unused.  Creating awareness of this social capital will boost a first step in social innovation for schools. An important missing link is shared vision. Creating a common vision in an educational context is commonly known as an intense, complex and long process. In this pilot we will run a playful co-creative shortcut to create a powerful vision on educational innovation.

PIEO Goals

Strong images can help cope with change difficulties and facilitate a common vocabulary that is lighter, more flexible and transparent. We will literally build shared visions/pictures/metaphors of change whitin a low/no-budget frame. Beyond that, this social innogram workshop will give you a quick view of what is applicable in your own work environments and communities. Create empowering images and directions, starting from participative innovation. So if you have an interest in or passion for education. Don’t hesitate to share/develop your innovators eye in a co-created interactive vision for…

the future of our education.

Join us! When? 8 Maart 2013 Where? Ter Elst, Edegem (Antwerp, BE) How Much? 225€