Last week was my first Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding training out of many to come and what struck me the most from the 2 very interactive and fun days is the broad employability of the games. I was aware of a lot of different uses of the games and used them myself in a lot of different domains, to solve problems or generate insights into different complex problems, but attendees still surprised me with other options. Let me give you an example based on the Product Box Innovation Game®. The game is designed to generate insights, together with your customers, related to your product and how it would solve their problems, but after performing a session the participants immediately saw a lot of other options for the game. These are the answers I got when asking the same question: “What can I do with a product box?” to the attendees in the course:

different domains where to use the product box innovation games

different domains where to use the product box innovation games


This might seem a lot to you, but I’m pretty sure that the attendees of the course got enough information and experience during the 2-day training to apply the technique to all of the above mentioned problem domains. Another thing I’m sure of is that those are not even close to all the possibilities of the game and many more have been tried, used and experimented with! It would be nice, great actually, if you would comment on this post with your different way of applying the game or for that matter idea on how it might be useful.

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