10 amazing ways to use a product box at work!

Last week was my first Certified Innovation Games for Customer Understanding training out of many to come and what struck me the most from the 2 very interactive and fun days is the broad employability of the games. I was aware of a lot of different uses of the games and used them myself in […]

Mindsetter: Boost Your Change Project

Guestblog by Dave Synaeve, propellor.be Mindsetter is partly a powerful simulation of changing organisations and the resistance they can encounter. This serious game gives insights in the cycle of change, the reactions of people on change and the different kinds of resistance you can expect. Good change management involves to create buy in and making […]

Customers benefit from delighting suppliers!

In september 2012 Jurgen Appelo wrote about delighting your supplier in relation to delighting your customer(s) and that in business you should delight everyone! We very much agree to most of the statements made in both articles and comply to its core message as much as possible, we like to engage into non-zero-sum quests as […]

Happy customers are our fuel to do more.

It is good to have satisfied customers, especially the ones that are willing to take a leap of faith helping to build up your renewed business! As we founded Co-Learning to continue our efforts previously known with a different commercial name we asked a couple of our more recent customers if they were willing to […]

Why attend a licensed Management 3.0 training?

Ever since I have been guiding teams and organizations towards a more effective business environment to work in, I have been searching for guidelines and practices to support “managers” in their quest to steer their teams successfully. It has been a very interesting journey so far, a great learning school! My quest to be able to support […]