Guestblog by Dave Synaeve,

Mindsetter is partly a powerful simulation of changing organisations and the resistance they can encounter. This serious game gives insights in the cycle of change, the reactions of people on change and the different kinds of resistance you can expect.


Good change management involves to create buy in and making sure that stakeholders stay on track throughout the project. How often do leaders have great visions of how the new situation will be, whereas the employees even don’t know what is going to happen? Your role is to estimate how these people or groups of people position themselves in relation to your project: Do they resist because of you as the leader, because they don’t want the project or just because they don’t get it? These are called the three levels of resistance you can encounter:

For each level of resistance you will have to develop a different approach. If people don’t get it, you have to inform them … but if they don’t want it, giving information will only increase their resistance. With Mindsetter you see the consequences of your decisions in a simulated change: do people embrace the change, or do you push them away? Come and discover this with us!

When? 8 Maart 2013 Where? Ter Elst, Edegem (Antwerp, BE) How Much? 225€