In september 2012 Jurgen Appelo wrote about delighting your supplier in relation to delighting your customer(s) and that in business you should delight everyone! We very much agree to most of the statements made in both articles and comply to its core message as much as possible, we like to engage into non-zero-sum quests as we strongly believe in the “Co-” of “Co-Learning“. During our quest to find mind-like organizations around we have experienced the full flavor of possibilities! Going from plain old betrayal, huge administrative and non-trust partnerships to very open and trust worthy collaborations. Along the way we experienced and discovered that mind-like organizations that are as open and trust worthy are not only a dream to work for as a supplier but also a dream to work with as a customer!  As a supplier of trainings, workshop facilitation and retreats to external organizations we always come in contact with their customers which clearly shows us that the following statement is a fact in todays world:

You can only imagine the benefit customers get from organizations that delight their suppliers!

We are proud and feel committed to let the world know that we discovered 2 of those organizations the last 2 months of 2012! As we feel that our collaboration was more than just good but really exceptionally, we like to let the world know about them! We can only hope they feel the same about us but are pretty confident about it. MozaicWorks


Mid of November I spend a week in Romania to provide 2 Management 3.0 trainings and speak at the Open Agile Cluj conference. All was arranged and agreed upon with MozaicWorks people and to be honest I have never been treated that well as a supplier! There was descent transparency on the arrangements before the actual events, travel was perfectly arranged for me, being picked up at airports and hotels, brought to airports and hotels… all paid up front. I didn’t need to take out my wallet at all and enjoyed this relaxed way of getting to and from my engagements. If that wasn’t enough we also got paid in due time and according flue agreements and this without any need of a contract.

Die Projektur


Mid of December I went to Austria to provide a Gamestorming training and facilitate a Gamestorming retreat arranged by Die Projektur. We (again) enjoyed the level of transparency given, the travel arrangements done together and the company provided during arrival, evenings and departure. It has been a blast to be there and spread the love of using play to do serious work (see also Re:Think – Work=Play? conference) and experience the eagerness to learn, participate and contribute to the events by Die Projektur itself. Without the need of a fixed contract or anything else we got paid in a way we thought we were the only ones paying our invoices that fast! If that wasn’t enough they even changed the financial agreement in our advance, without any request to do so.


We love our partners! We love our customers! We love our community!

Thanks for being there and prove to the world that things can be different!