Disclaimer: this is re-sharing what Y Soft has shared on their platform earlier and has been distributed through means of social media. It is mentioned in their article that sharing is caring and in that sense we want to contribute in their quest to sharing their story to the world.

They share a story of being 1,5 years into a LeSS adoption as an ongoing endeavour. The lessons they learned, the tricks they picked up into a situation where they “push their product forward only by working together”. Their journey of changing the mindset of 13 teams and nearly 100 engineers wasn’t easy. Today I invite you to listen in to their story and be inspired.

Check out what Y Soft wanted to share about their journey: https://www.ysofters.com/2020/07/23/y-soft-less-transformation/

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We are glad to be part of the journey and can only wish more organizations would show similar courage towards organizational agility and operational excellence.