Guestblog by Pierre Neis

Plork (play and work) is a workshop facilitation format combining the forces of group coaching and the dynamics of games (gamification). Some consider Plork as solution focused coaching in a minimal timeframe. The main reason for Plork is to install a dynamic of permanent change within the company by the dynamics of the team which composes. Learn through experience!

“Make business more fun than fun!”, is the driving vision of Plork.


The Plork model uses the format of the games to create a secure space for the expression of the needs of the participants, to convey a message, search the commitment of each of the participants to be actor in the dynamics of the organization. Serious Games, Innovation Games, Gamestorming allows to wake up the innovation at the heart of the business and project teams.

PLöRK makes it happen!

Come and discover how you’ll work better in the future with the power of games!

When? 8 Maart 2013 Where? Ter Elst, Edegem (Antwerp, BE) How Much? 225€