Too many ideas, not enough time!

A sentence many of us know, many of us feel, and many of us are sometimes frustrated about. One of those fine ideas I had when going through a Gamification track was related to what is known as collaborative consumption or a sharing economy. At the time I explored the idea, I was very charmed by the thoughts behind it, and the thoughts of less (over)consumption, less waste and a increased social belonging in the world.

Today I realized that the idea is still a valid business idea, but ‘no time’! Instead of wasting a business idea I would like to offer it to you, our reader, our community member! I can only hope somebody of you will take it up and turn it into a business, preferably targeting the Belgians. Of course I would like to be part of it and support your business with ideas to grow, knowledge about Lean/Agile/CustDev… but that’s not a necessity. In short, the document I offer you is describing how to engage customers, users to share their stuff, products, services… to others in such a way that it becomes as common as individual purchases. It follows the paths of companies as AirBnB, Buzzcar and Uber without focussing on specific products. The platform should offer users a virtual currency, coins, which can be used to purchase any asset in the system and can be exchanged for real money. Coins are generated by sharing items or volunteering time to complete tasks for others. Money for you, business owner, is coming from a very small transaction fee and possible advertising extensions. But most of all you should care about the social benefits of sustainability that this kind of business can provide.

The document is part of a course assignment (not a solution, but my thoughts) that could not contain more than 1500 words, consisted out of text, bullets and the six sections of the game design framework. Even for those who do not to intend to start a business with the ideas in the document will find value in the Gamification thoughts, practices, structure and tools that are put in place for a sharing economy purpose. Just contact us If you want to know how we, together, can Gamify your business like this sharing economy business idea, we love to generate ideas like this and support others to become more successful. Get the document here: Design Document for Share Economy Business


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