We have done so many things, we have explained so many things, and yet we still need to learn so many things!

Even small learnings can contribute to a better and more satisfying life. Exactly what I recently experienced. While creating a customized training for one of our clients I noticed the importance to mention the “I Language” (next to Yes, and…). This has not been the first time. It actually happened so many times before that I extracted the I language related part from our Open Agile Cluj conference session. I intend to use the video as an alternative to slides, exercise or anything else. Fingers crossed as this will be the first time I’ll use video in a classroom training. As I did the efforts already of extracting the video for the classroom training I thought of sharing this with you as well. If you have ever had trouble explaining the I-language… Do you want to know how I and responsibility fit together? Check it out, a snapshot of what I did together with Erik Talboom at the Cluj Open Agile conference and you’ll know what it is about in a bit more than 5 minutes. Enjoy the learning.

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