Or distributed workshops from different locations…

Your seat is waiting next to mine... Your seat is waiting next to mine…

During my career I had to facilitate a lot of Agile retrospectives and other collaborative workshops with people sitting in different offices, countries, continents,… and as such had a huge interest in the first Belgian conference on “remote working”. I was looking for new tools, new techniques, new tips & tricks and was surprised to see how many people were not aware about some basic things to take care of when setting up remote (distributed) meetings. It is that observation that triggered me to write this short post and spread some knowledge.

Online Collaboration Tools

Online Communication Tools

Remote Facilitation Tips

Golden rule: When 1 person is not in the room then nobody should be!

Violating the above rule will end up excluding the outside person unconsciously, so either do not include the person or better let everybody work from where they like to work… preferably a beach. Yes, Face-to-Face is working better and faster but these days there are a lot of tools out there that can help us get closer and we are just at the beginning. I’m pretty sure the IoT will bring more opportunities to us soon… Don’t wait to try things out so that you are ahead of others when it comes to tapping into knowledge and experience from all over the world! Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel lost, if you do not feel comfortable to design & facilitate remote / distributed workshops yourself. We are here to help!

What are your tips related to collaborative workshops with people sitting in different locations?